VIDEO: Truck Drivers Protests

19 Apr 2018

Hundreds of truck drivers protested across the country today (18 April 2018) who are angry at Aldi for turning their back on road safety. Here’re some media clips of the protest highlights: Read More »

Devious Theft of Wages

12 Apr 2018

Industry lobby groups are campaigning for drivers to be moved to part-time roles and a loss of full entitlements. Read More »

Truck Driver Rights A ‘Matter of Public Safety’

12 Feb 2018

Campbelltown state Labor MP Greg Warren is leading a push to give truckies delivering bread, milk and cream the same rights as other transport workers. Read More »

Truck Drivers on The Road Too Long to Stay Safe

3 Jan 2018

The number of heavy truck crashes increased by 86 per cent in NSW over the past year. There are two major problems in the industry that, if not addressed, will result in further erosion of safety in the heavy trucking industry. Firstly, the whole industry is remunerated on a productivity basis. The second major problem in the industry is that the permitted hours of service for long distance truck drivers are too high. Read More »

NSW Truck Deaths Increase by 86 Per Cent in 12 Months

2 Jan 2018

NSW truck deaths have increased by more than 86 per cent in 12 months, as police report increased heavy vehicle traffic connected to major construction projects. Read More »

Truckies Honour Crash Victims in Christmas Memorial

21 Dec 2017

TRUCK drivers and supporters held a memorial in Sydney today to highlight the increased number of deaths from truck crashes this year. Read More »

WIN News: Tip Top Drivers Demand Action on Safety & Exploitation

7 Dec 2017

(WIN Canberra News, 6 Dec 2017) Exploited owner drivers working for bread manufacturer Tip Top are in Canberra today demanding that the Federal Government reinstate legislation that dealt exploitation and safety risks in transport supply chains. Read More »

Tip Top drivers being ‘worked to death’ as families call for greater responsibility

6 Dec 2017

ABC 7.30 Report, by Elise Worthington and Alex McDonald, 5 December 2017 […] Read More »

Tip Top trucks deemed defective after inspections reveal safety issues

4 Dec 2017

All Tip Top-owned bread delivery trucks at its western Sydney depot have been issued with defect notices after an inspection by road safety authorities. Read More »

TV Reports: Truck Drivers Protests at ALDI Stores

16 Nov 2017

Truck drivers have staged simultaneous protests at Aldi stores around the country to demand safer working conditions. Read More »


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