WIN News: Tip Top Drivers Demand Action on Safety & Exploitation

7 Dec 2017

(WIN Canberra News, 6 Dec 2017) Exploited owner drivers working for bread manufacturer Tip Top are in Canberra today demanding that the Federal Government reinstate legislation that dealt exploitation and safety risks in transport supply chains. Read More »

Tip Top drivers being ‘worked to death’ as families call for greater responsibility

6 Dec 2017

ABC 7.30 Report, by Elise Worthington and Alex McDonald, 5 December 2017 […] Read More »

Tip Top trucks deemed defective after inspections reveal safety issues

4 Dec 2017

All Tip Top-owned bread delivery trucks at its western Sydney depot have been issued with defect notices after an inspection by road safety authorities. Read More »

TV Reports: Truck Drivers Protests at ALDI Stores

16 Nov 2017

Truck drivers have staged simultaneous protests at Aldi stores around the country to demand safer working conditions. Read More »

Tip Top Accused of Pushing Bread Delivery Drivers to Breaking Point

7 Nov 2017

ABC News, by Elise Worthington and Alex McDonald, 6 November 2017 Tip […] Read More »

Shame ALDI Shame!

27 Oct 2017

Video: TWU National Day of Actions on ALDI Read More »

Criminal truckies should be off road, say family of victim Rian Payget-Strathdee

11 Sep 2017

The family of a six-year-old killed after being shunted off the road by a truck, have called for truckies with a history of road offences to be taken off the road.
Read More »

On the road to the next trucking tragedy

11 Sep 2017

Mona Vale brought the trucking industry to a crossroads. Four years – and many deaths – later, the pressures that caused the carnage remain. Read More »

Low-cost freight a death trap

1 Sep 2017

Wealthy retailers hold much of the power in transport, since they are responsible for a sizeable proportion of freight movement and they dictate the terms and conditions of contracts to move their goods. Low-cost contracts by retailers are a deadly kick-start in the supply chain which sees truck maintenance postponed and drivers under financial pressure to speed, drive long hours and skip mandatory rest breaks. Read More »

Aldi tries to gag truck drivers’ union after claims of unsafe practices

30 Aug 2017

Transport Workers Union says supermarket chain pressuring drivers to meet schedules that are not safe. Read More »


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