Lethal Weapons: 326 Heavy Vehicle Licences Issued Without Proper Assessment – TWU Says It’s Fortunate No One Has Been Killed


The Department of Transport (DoT) released a statement this morning confirming it contracted the Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Mines West, to provide heavy vehicle practical driving assessments – but in January 2017 DoT notified the Corruption and Crimes Commission with concerns 326 licences were granted by the RTO without proper assessment.

“This is of great concern to the Transport Workers’ Union,” said TWU WA Branch Secretary Tim Dawson.

“It should be an even greater concern to every road user that there are people driving vehicles that weigh over 100 tonnes that haven’t been trained or assessed properly.”

“It is fortunate no one has been killed.”

The Transport Workers’ Union is demanding for greater regulations and penalties to be put in place to ensure this does not happen again with any other training companies.

“Authorities need to find out how long illegal licences have been handed out by Mines West and if other registered training organisations have been doing the same.”

And that it does not happen again.

“More red tape should be put in place to ensure people getting behind the wheel of heavy duty trucks have been properly tested.”

Another major concern for the Transport Workers’ Union is companies hiring people who may have not had the proper training.

“People out there are employing and believing that they have the appropriate driver’s license,” he said.

“They are potentially putting dangerous people in their trucks as well.

“We’ve all got families on the road and we want to make sure they are safe.”

The Department of Transport is in the process of cancelling the 326 licences.



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