Federal Government Wastes Taxpayers’ Money On Truck Driver Fatigue Research

8 Dec 2016

The Federal Government has announced it will spend over $800,000 of taxpayers’ money on research into truck driver fatigue, despite tearing down a tribunal this year which was tackling the problem. Read More »

100 Killed In Truck Crashes Since Turnbull Tore Down Road Safety Watchdog

5 Dec 2016

The death toll in truck crashes has reached 100 since the Federal Government in April scrapped a road safety watchdog which was investigating the pressures on truck drivers that lead to safety risks. Read More »

TWU NEWS: The Fight Is Not Over Just Yet

28 Nov 2016

THE National Road Transport Association, NatRoad, continues to cause confusion for mum and dad small business operators. Unfortunately for mum and dad small businesses, NatRoad has pretty clearly pinned its colours to the mast by applying to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission for registration as an Organisation of Employers. Thus it is no surprise that it is seeking to tear down the General Carriers Contract Determination, an industrial instrument which has provided minimum rates and conditions to owner- drivers in Sydney for more than 30 years. Contrary to what NatRoad would have you believe, this instrument has allowed mum and dad small businesses, who founded the TWU more than 125 years ago, to thrive. Read More »

Six Die During Horror Week For Truck Crashes

17 Nov 2016

The Transport Workers’ Union is calling for an urgent review of Federal and State road safety agencies following a spate of truck crashes that have left six people dead in just three days. Read More »

New Senate Truck Driver Licensing Probe Hearing

11 Nov 2016

The senator Glenn Sterle-led ‘Aspects of road safety in Australia’ inquiry will grill state and federal public servants today, with the focus to be on driver licensing standards. Read More »

Driving Schools’ ‘Bogus’ Licences Causing Trucking Havoc

10 Nov 2016

Exploited migrant workers are creating “havoc” on roads because bogus driving schools hand them licences for heavy vehicles without providing proper training, the head of the transport union has said. Read More »

Underpayment Of Migrant Driver Highlights Larger Exploitation Problem, TWU Warns

10 Nov 2016

Underpayment of a Sri Lankan truck driver by almost $9,000 highlights the ongoing problem of exploitation in the transport industry, the Transport Workers’ Union has warned. Read More »

TWU Stands With Sacked Cub Workers, Calls For Corporate Accountability On Wages, Conditions

9 Nov 2016

TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon has stood with sacked workers at the Carlton United Breweries today, demanding that the Government make wealthy manufacturers and retailers accountable for what happens to workers in their supply chains. Read More »

CH9 ADL: Truckies Speak Out after Fatal Crash

8 Nov 2016

(9 News Adelaide, 7 Nov 2016) A deadly head on smash between two road trains in the state’s west has prompted truckies to speak about being put under too much pressure. Read More »

Drivers Killed In Horror Crashes Show Why Trucking Is Australia’s Deadliest Job

7 Nov 2016

Two truck drivers have been killed in horrific crashes in South Australia and Perth highlighting the deadly nature of the job and the need for a solution to the crisis in trucking. Read More »


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