Companies, Clients Should Face Jail Over Fatal Crashes, Says TWU

16 Aug 2016

The Transport Workers’ Union has called for more accountability at the top after charges were laid against a waste company for a horror crash in Urrbrae in which two people died. Read More »

TWU Demands Carnell Explain Why She Opposed System Which Delivered 30-Day Payments

15 Aug 2016

The TWU is demanding the Small Business Ombudsman Kate Carnell explain why she opposed a system which delivered a requirement for drivers to be paid within 30 days of work – only to now call for such payment terms. Read More »

Industry Groups In Attempt To Rip Off Drivers At Fair Work Commission

15 Aug 2016

The Transport Workers’ Union is opposing attempts by industry lobby groups to reduce wages for long distance truck drivers and bus drivers at the Fair Work Commission today. Read More »

Small trucks targeted in NSW Police Blitz

10 Aug 2016

Small and medium rigid trucks were targeted in a police operation in Sydney’s West on Monday. Read More »

Fixing what ain’t broken!

8 Aug 2016

It is too often that the Transport Workers’ Union is having to “fix what ain’t broken” when it comes to supporting drivers who are being targeted unfairly by the management of multinational organisations. Read More »

Unaware, Underpaid

1 Aug 2016

Australia is a multi-culture society, but big business is exploiting newly-arrived foreign drivers to work for lower pay rates while increasing its own profit margin. Tony Sheldon writes. Read More »

Horror Accidents Highlight Need For Real Action On Road Safety

27 Jul 2016

The Transport Workers’ Union is once again calling on the Federal Government to clearly identify exactly what it is they are doing to reduce pressure on drivers and increase safety for the public after more horror crashes on Queensland roads. Read More »

Sheldon Responds To SARTA Letter

26 Jul 2016

TWU national secretary Tony Sheldon has issued a statement following SARTA executive director Steve Shearer’s letter to Owner//Driver criticising the TWU’s motives in the Safe Rates debate. Read More »

CH7: Truckies Call For More Driver Awareness

26 Jul 2016

(7 News Melbourne, 25 July 2016) More than 2000 people have been killed or injured in crashes involving trucks in the past decade. Truckies say many of these could be avoided if motorists knew the safe braking distance for trucks. Read More »

Getting the Balance Right

25 Jul 2016

Contract Determinations (such as the GCCD) operate in the same way that Awards do for employee drivers by providing minimum rates and conditions for owner-drivers who fall within its coverage. Read More »

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