The Industry’s Dark Side

12 Jul 2017

Long-haul truck drivers are known to enjoy the freedom of the highway, but behind the scenes the industry is breeding a culture of danger and discontent. Read More »

Truck Driving: One Of The Deadliest Workplaces In Australia

7 Feb 2017

A truck cabin is among the deadliest workplaces in Australia, new research shows. Read More »

Federal Government Wastes Taxpayers’ Money On Truck Driver Fatigue Research

8 Dec 2016

The Federal Government has announced it will spend over $800,000 of taxpayers’ money on research into truck driver fatigue, despite tearing down a tribunal this year which was tackling the problem. Read More »

TWU Calls For Urgent Solution To Crisis In Trucking Following Horror Crash

7 Oct 2016

Two truck drivers have been killed in a horrific truck crash in Sydney’s west highlighting the deadly nature of the job and the need for a solution to the crisis in trucking. Read More »

CH9: Calls for Minimum Pay to Be Re instated

10 Jun 2016

Relatives of a man killed in a crash have protested at a trucking industry forum. The Transport Workers Union wants a minimum pay rate brought back, saying it would prevent fatigue and improve vehicle safety. Read More »

TWU Election Advert To Highlight Coalition Opposition To Road Safety

10 Jun 2016

An advert is to be broadcast highlighting the horrific effects of the Government’s opposition to a system of safe rates for truck drivers, which would cut the number of deaths in truck crashes. Read More »

Operation StateTrans Finds Major Flaws In Trucking Fleets While Government Abolishes Road Safety Laws

11 May 2016

Transport Workers Union NSW Acting Secretary Richard Olsen has slammed the Federal Government for standing in the way of safe rates for truck drivers and their families as a major police operation in NSW found serious problems with maintenance and drugs in trucking fleets right across the supply chain. Read More »

Over 200 Transport Workers Block Road In Sydney CBD Over Malcolm Turnbull’s Opposition To Safe Rates For Truck Drivers

28 Apr 2016

More than 200 transport workers have taken to the streets in Sydney today to protest Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to put the interests of his big business donors like Coles ahead of the safety of transport workers and everyone on our roads. Read More »

Truckie Pay Pressures Killed My Brother John

15 Apr 2016

I have no doubt this financial pressure created the conditions which ended up in my brother’s death, Susan Posnakidis writes. Read More »

It Took Hard Yakka but We Won Safe Rates Battle

27 Jan 2016

Decades of hard-yakka campaigning by truck drivers standing together as part of the TWU has scored a major success, with the recent ruling by the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal on minimum safe rates for owner drivers. Read More »


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