Who Represents The Drivers?

Big Rigs, by Richard Olsen, TWU NSW State Secretary, 16 February 2017

A truck driver requires a wide suite of skills.

A truck driver requires a wide suite of skills.

We are in a unique political age, an age where the political marketing is “jobs and growth”.

The reality is that while big business and the politicians, who claim to represent us, are ramming their sales pitch down our throats, workers in the transport industry are under attack more than ever before.

These same businesses and political groups are collaborating to erode the conditions, rates of pay and rights of workers across our industry.

At the same time, drivers are being reassured that their interests are being served by these groups who are pretending to advocate on their behalf.

Drivers should be questioning who the players are behind these groups and what their real interests are when it comes to industry issues.

Proper representation will reflect the needs of the entire transport industry – not just the big business employers.

Drivers are instrumental in the creation of the profits that shareholders enjoy.

They are not represented by industry players whose chief goal is to diminish the conditions that give drivers a fair day’s pay for a day at work.

The union movement was founded on a principle that we live in a world where workers are valued for the lifetime of professionalism they bring to their industry.

This means that unions like the TWU are strengthened collectively by its members, meaning that we can continue to be the best representative for those working in the industry.

The TWU has always supported this industry, we believe that when the bosses are making a dollar so are the drivers.

Right now, more than ever is the time to step up, unite and be proud to be union.

We join together to support all drivers whose livelihoods are in the sights of big business and government.

Only a strong and united group of people will prevent future exploitation and ensure drivers can continue to support their families, pay their bills, maintain their trucks and get home safely at the end of the working day.

REPRESENTATION: Who does represent long haul truck drivers in this country?

REPRESENTATION: Who does represent long haul truck drivers in this country?

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