Truck drivers are essential to Australia. Whether it’s ensuring there’s food on our supermarket shelves, collecting our rubbish, delivering petrol to your nearest station or driving money to our banks, truck drivers are carrying Australia.

But our industry is in crisis. Every year, hundreds of people die on the road, and, over the past 10 years, 2,548 people have been killed in to truck crashes. Truck driving is the most dangerous job in Australia, with a fatality rate that’s 12 times higher than the average.

This is happening because multi-million dollar companies are cutting costs in their transport contracts, forcing trucking companies to undercut each other to win any work. And this cost cutting is costing lives.

This race to the bottom has been researched – and it’s clear. Safe Rates Facts show that this is fragmenting our industry, playing drivers and companies off of each other and sweating drivers. It’s forcing truck drivers to work longer and harder with little chance to take a break, do maintenance or rest – all in a struggle to put food on the table.

Drivers are coming together to say enough is enough. Whether self-employed, subbies, driving for a fleet or a company, drivers are fight together with our communities. Because no one’s life should be at risk so that big business can keep lining its pockets. Drivers are standing together through the TWU to change that.

We’re standing together for Safe Rates. Because Safe Rates save lives.

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