Why were you late!

Jan 8, 2014

19-12-2013_143654I was very surprised that after looking through dozens of depressing Heavy Vehicle Accident photos on the Internet, I could not find ONE photo that related to the Company whom I am employed with. Fact is – that I along with many of my Colleagues together have seen a number of Photos that have obviously “Leaked” into certain media Streams.

Why is this so! The public are lead to believe that the Company I work for is so compassionate about WHS & a safe working environment, that once you Drive out of the Gate the responsibility lies on your (Driver) shoulders! I personally am disgusted with the attitude of Management that “Shonk” their responsibilities when it comes to caring for their work force that I and have decided along with dozens of other caring family people to ever vote or support what a Liberal Government is for and strongly stand against any forthcoming amendments to any legislation that relates to Transport due to the Fact of “Shonking”.

P.S. I would love to expose the Company name that I work for BUT eventually it will all be revelled in the News Papers rather than hidden away in Central Australian News Papers in small print and on some managers table as a Coffee Mug place Mat.


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