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Frank, truck driver

To me Safe Rates are laws that have been some 30 years overdue and must be given a chance to take effect. Safe Rates […] Read More »

John, truck driver

I’ve been an interstate driver for over 30 years and during that time I have worked for all types of transport operators and for […] Read More »

Peter, Central Coast NSW

Safe Rates means Safe Roads for my Grandchildren. Peter Central Coast NSW Read More »

Eva, wife of truckie Steve

With a new baby to look after, it’s more important than ever that my husband Steve isn’t pushed to drive unsafely by transport clients just […] Read More »

Servicing Fleets.

Servicing of fleets must be done properly to ensure safe vehicles. Safe Rates effect all Australians. The tribunal must always be defended and preserved. […] Read More »


The research evidence is clear. There is a direct link between how drivers and transport companies are remunerated and crash and injury risk. The […] Read More »

Why were you late!

I was very surprised that after looking through dozens of depressing Heavy Vehicle Accident photos on the Internet, I could not find ONE photo […] Read More »

Traffic Controllers solid behind Truckies

Hi my name is Jason and as a traffic controller on the highway every day I feel I can speak for many of my […] Read More »

I am a road user and a tax payer

I am a road user and infrequently drive long distances interstate. Last year when driving along the Newell Highway, I noticed just how many […] Read More »

Safe Rates

I don’t really have a story other than having safe rates apply to all, makes the roads safe for all. Common sense. Kate 2303 Read More »

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