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Safe Rates for all Drivers

I very strongly support safe rates for ALL truckies to protect them from big companies, like some we know very well and the over […] Read More »

Eric Abetz!

Apart from Joe Hocking, do you really understand what “Safe Rates” really means to the thousands of Australian families including my own, not only […] Read More »

Sharing the Road

High time we had proper rates, proper safety for our invaluable Truckies and for the rest of us. It seems conditions have become even […] Read More »

My brother

My brother is a Truck Driver for Coles Online and often talks about the unrealistic schedules and delivery windows he is asked to meet. […] Read More »


As a driver for a Adelaide company I was required to do several hours local work each day plus a couple of trips to […] Read More »


So tired of travelling the Pacific Highway and having huge B-doubles tail-gating me. I drive the car for my disabled husband and it is […] Read More »

Unnecessarilly accidents

I get really sad to read about accidents on the road caused by truckies or car because of tiredness. Truckies should be given enough […] Read More »

Truck drivers matter

My son drives for truck company and I am constantly appalled at the company’s lack of concern not only for their employees but for […] Read More »

Safe Rates

Safe Rates save lives. We want to protect innocent people Marjorie 2321 Read More »

Safe Rates

To my fellow Australians, Let’s not let companies like Coles change their slogan to something like “Productivity & Profits before People” Your fellow driver […] Read More »

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