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pressure on the road

Ive been in the road transport industry for 29 years, 18 years were spent on the road. I worked for one of Australia’s largest […] Read More »

Safer roads for all

Truckies must not be pushed to the limits and be placed in an unsafe work environment in order to make more profits for companies. […] Read More »


I have been involved in OHS&W in the union movement for about 25 years and nearly 10 of those on the ACTU OHS&W Committee. […] Read More »

I’m a truck diver

I’m a truck driver myself and I’m always on the road I would love to spend more time with my family but being on […] Read More »


I am an older person who has driven for many years quite safely, touch wood. I always have sympathy with the truckies who are […] Read More »

Dear Safe Rates Tribunal

It seems clear to me that to abolish the Safe Rates Tribunal is a retrograde step and should not be considered as a reasonable […] Read More »

Abolish 12 hour shifts

If 12 hour shifts were abolished and the 8 hour shift was the norm the roads would be a lot safer because the accident […] Read More »

Trucks on the Bruce Highway

Safe Rates means that I will be less likely to be tailgated by big trucks on the Bruce Highway. It also means that I […] Read More »

Safe rates for truckies protect all road users

I drive on our national highways every week and while I am in awe of some truck drivers skills, I still fear being trapped […] Read More »

Safe Rates are vital

I am an advocate of Safe Rates, my car receives annual strict checks for a pink slip for registration. What about trucks whose annual […] Read More »

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