I am a road user and a tax payer

Jan 7, 2014

I am a road user and infrequently drive long distances interstate. Last year when driving along the Newell Highway, I noticed just how many trucks use the highway to transport goods to and from Queensland. Knowing the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal exists to ensure that drivers of heavy and dangerous trucks and road trains are protected from pressures to drive too fast or without adequate sleep provided me with peace of mind.

Road transport is essential to a lot of industries in Australia and millions of kilometres are driven by truck drivers to ensure our economy is healthy. It is too important to risk the dangers associated with unmonitored free market pressures.

As a tax payer, the government is responsible for ensuring road safety, or it is responsible for the costs of not ensuring road safety for truck drivers and other road users. I would prefer my tax go towards the prevention of accident and injury rather than to the millions of dollars in medical and welfare costs, not to mention the trauma to families, that is inevitable if road safety standards are neglected.


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