15 Nov 2018

Horror truck crashes close to Brisbane and Sydney must be investigated and the role of wealthy companies which contract transport operators closely examined, says the Transport Workers’ Union. The deaths of drivers and the horrific nature of the crashes show the importance of an announcement this week by Coles to contract work to Toll, which will make road travel safer, says TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine. Read More »

Coles Must Stop The Squeeze On Trucking

24 Aug 2016

The Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) has called on Coles to take its foot off the throat of transport workers, after posting another 4.3% increase in annual pre-tax earnings today. Read More »

Unaware, Underpaid

1 Aug 2016

Australia is a multi-culture society, but big business is exploiting newly-arrived foreign drivers to work for lower pay rates while increasing its own profit margin. Tony Sheldon writes. Read More »

Sheldon Responds To SARTA Letter

26 Jul 2016

TWU national secretary Tony Sheldon has issued a statement following SARTA executive director Steve Shearer’s letter to Owner//Driver criticising the TWU’s motives in the Safe Rates debate. Read More »

TWU: Employer Groups Create A Smokescreen For Unsafe Roads

5 Jul 2016

The Transport Workers’ Union has accused major employer bodies of participating in a political smokescreen to obscure the lethal economic pressures forced upon truck drivers. Read More »

TWU: Band-Aid Solution Won’t Save 2,548 Lives

4 Jul 2016

The Transport Workers’ Union has cautioned against the dangers of not addressing lethal pressures that cause truck drivers to speed as a proposed new law calls for harsher speeding penalties on heavy vehicles. Read More »

Transport Workers’ Union Supports Farmers’ Call For Price Support & Assistance

25 May 2016

The Transport Workers’ Union is supporting farmers’ demands for price support and financial assistance as they struggle with low milk prices. Read More »

Over 200 Transport Workers Block Road In Sydney CBD Over Malcolm Turnbull’s Opposition To Safe Rates For Truck Drivers

28 Apr 2016

More than 200 transport workers have taken to the streets in Sydney today to protest Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to put the interests of his big business donors like Coles ahead of the safety of transport workers and everyone on our roads. Read More »

Truckies Disrupt Coles Distributions Centres To Highlight Retailer’s Lethal Squeeze

22 Mar 2016

TWU NSW Secretary Michael Aird has told Coles to stop buying off their responsibilities as major transport clients by donating to politicians in Canberra and instead take responsibility for their lethal economic squeeze on truck drivers that is leading to hundreds of truck crash related deaths on Australian roads each year. Read More »

TWU Lodges Application To Force Retailers To Pay For Transport Jobs Within 30 Days

11 Mar 2016

The Transport Workers’ Union has today lodged an application at the road safety watchdog to force major retailers to pay transport operators within 30 days of work completed. Read More »


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