VIDEO: Truck Drivers Protests

19 Apr 2018

Hundreds of truck drivers protested across the country today (18 April 2018) who are angry at Aldi for turning their back on road safety. Here’re some media clips of the protest highlights: Read More »


16 Nov 2017

The Transport Workers’ Union has criticised Aldi for covering up safety risks in its supply chain by claiming it has conducted an internal survey of drivers which found no problems. The Union is calling on Aldi to meet to discuss introducing whistleblower protections and enforceable rights. Drivers need to be able to come forward and reveal safety risks without fearing of harassment or sacking. Read More »

Tip Top Accused of Pushing Bread Delivery Drivers to Breaking Point

7 Nov 2017

ABC News, by Elise Worthington and Alex McDonald, 6 November 2017 Tip […] Read More »

Transport Workers’ Union Supports Farmers’ Call For Price Support & Assistance

25 May 2016

The Transport Workers’ Union is supporting farmers’ demands for price support and financial assistance as they struggle with low milk prices. Read More »

Operation StateTrans Finds Major Flaws In Trucking Fleets While Government Abolishes Road Safety Laws

11 May 2016

Transport Workers Union NSW Acting Secretary Richard Olsen has slammed the Federal Government for standing in the way of safe rates for truck drivers and their families as a major police operation in NSW found serious problems with maintenance and drugs in trucking fleets right across the supply chain. Read More »

TWU Calls For CoR Changes As Mona Vale Driver Trial Opens

4 Feb 2016

The Transport Workers’ Union is calling for more accountability of transport operators and companies which hire them, as the trial for a truck driver facing charges relating to the deaths of two people in Mona Vale in 2013 opens. Read More »

Safety Drives Australia To End Pay-By-The-Mile

15 Jan 2016

. Australia is in the process of eliminating pay by the mile for many of its truck drivers, and replacing it with guaranteed minimum hourly wages, a program the government is calling “safe rates.” Read More »

$7 Million Financial Link Between Wesfarmers And Liberal Party Revealed

11 Nov 2015

The Transport Workers’ Union is demanding the Government drop its opposition to the road safety watchdog after a $7 million link between Wesfarmers and the Liberal Party has been revealed. Read More »

RSRT Rates Order Won’t Hurt Owner-Driver Viability: Kaine

22 Oct 2015

A senior Transport Workers Union (TWU) official has dismissed claims that minimum rates for owner-drivers will price them out of the market for work. Read More »

Do Wages Cause Speeding?

21 Oct 2015

The only way could see to reduce speeding in the heavy vehicle industry was changing the way drivers are paid. Read More »


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