Major Retailers Must Be Accountable – Report Shows Rule-Breaking Rampant

30 Jul 2015

The Transport Workers’ Union is calling on the road safety watchdog to hold major companies using transport operators to account after new research shows rule-breaking is rampant and is putting workers lives at risk. Read More »

RMS Has Sights Firmly On Distribution Centres

17 Jul 2015

Distribution centres belonging to big-name transport clients are in the sights of the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) as part of efforts to enforce chain of responsibility. Read More »

Coles: Not So Good For Humanity, Particularly If You’re A Truck Driver

7 Jul 2015

Truckies are around 15 times more likely to die on the job than workers in other industries, according to Safe Work Australia. On average, around 330 people lose their lives in heavy vehicle incidents across the country each year. Read More »

‘Deadliest’ Industry In Need Of Reform: TWU

3 Jul 2015

Sydney Morning Herald, 3 July 2015

Truck driver Duane Bowering says he has been forced routinely to take his life – and those of other motorists – into his hands by carrying loads that are too heavy and unsecured. Read More »

Calls At Senate Inquiry For Retailers To Be Held To Account Over Road Deaths

2 Jul 2015


The Transport Workers’ Union today at a Senate inquiry has called for major businesses which use transport companies to be held to account over the carnage on the roads involving truck crashes. Read More »

A Week To Champion Road Safety

1 Jul 2015

Come along to show your support for road safety: Senate Inquiry into Road Safety 12pm, Thursday 2 July, NSW Parliament. Read More »

Prosecute Employers, Clients For Truck Deaths, Not Just Drivers, TWU Calls

19 Jun 2015

The Transport Workers’ Union is calling for criminal prosecution of companies that profit from low cost transport contracts when deaths occur in truck crashes. Governments and regulators also need to strengthen their laws to hold these companies to account for the carnage on the roads, the union added. Read More »

TWU Calls On AI Group To Admit Its Role In Drug Scourge

16 Jun 2015

TWU MEDIA RELEASE, June 16, 2015

The Transport Workers’ Union has called on the Australian Industry Group to take responsibility for its role in forcing some truck drivers to take drugs because of the pressure they are put under by their employers. Read More »

Transport For NSW Says COR Inconsistencies Need Review

3 Jun 2015

The transport authority in NSW raises a tragic case which it says highlights the need for change to national chain of responsibility law.

ATN, by Steve Skinner, 2 June 2015 Read More »

CH7 Perth: Coles set unfair deadlines and risk lives on roads

12 Nov 2013

(Channel 7, Perth, Seven News, 7 Nov 2013) Truck drivers have accused […] Read More »


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