Transport Workers Rally Coles CBD

7 Jul 2014

Transport workers will unite at Coles in the Brisbane Myer Centre today at 3.15pm to raise awareness of Coles unsafe practices.


Kilburn Drivers Say: Coles Risks Adelaide Lives

7 Jul 2014

Dozens of truck drivers and their families gathered outside Kilburn Coles today to urge the retail giant to stop risking Adelaide lives, by forcing drivers to drive too fast and too long or lose their jobs.


Govt Changing Truck Laws For Donors: Union

6 Jul 2014

About 330 people are killed in truck crashes each year “as a result of pressure from companies like Coles that require (truck) companies to work harder and longer and for less and that means fatigue, deadlines and overloading and more deaths,” Transport Workers’ Union boss Tony Sheldon told reporters.

9NEWS, 6 July 2014 Read More »

Special Investigation: Truck Drivers On The Road For Up To 21 Hours A Shift

6 Jul 2014

A Major investigation into the trucking industry in NSW has uncovered some […] Read More »

Austrans Has Focus on Fatigue as Union Seeks a Deeper Look

1 Jul 2014

Heavy vehicle driver fatigue has been identified as a concern in Queensland after the completion of this year’s Operation Austrans, which targets the trucking industry.

ATN, 1 July 2014 Read More »

CH9: Operation AusTrans

13 Jun 2014

(CH9, 11 June 2014) Police have cracked down on hundreds of Queensland truck drivers have been caught speeding and driving long hours as a part of Operation AusTrans. Drivers say they are forced to drive dangerously to meet unrealistic deadlines. Read More »

Trucking Companies Blamed

12 Jun 2014

The Transport Workers Union believes the Queensland Police Service’s blitz on truckies has not addressed the real pressures on drivers.

Sunshine Coast Daily, 12 June 2014 Read More »

Road Safety is Not Red Tape

28 May 2014

Transport Workers’ Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon today said a recent court decision relating to the tragic truck crash that killed two Western Australian men in 2011 serves as a reminder that road safety is more than red tape and urged the Coalition to abandon plans to abolish the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT).

TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 28 May 2014 Read More »

Advance Memorial for 330 Truck Crash Victims

22 May 2014

Transport Workers Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon today joined more than 150 truck drivers and their families in an advance memorial for the 330 people who will die this year in truck-related crashes.

TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 22 May 2014 Read More »

Seven Truck Fatalities on NSW Road during May

20 May 2014

(WIN Wagga, 19 May 2014) The Transport Workers Union of NSW has called for immediate action to be taken with seven truck related fatalities on the states roads this month. Nick McIntosh, Transport Workers Union NSW, says drivers are taking risks to put food on the table. Read More »


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