$7 Million Financial Link Between Wesfarmers And Liberal Party Revealed

11 Nov 2015

The Transport Workers’ Union is demanding the Government drop its opposition to the road safety watchdog after a $7 million link between Wesfarmers and the Liberal Party has been revealed. Read More »

Major Retailers Must Be Accountable – Report Shows Rule-Breaking Rampant

30 Jul 2015

The Transport Workers’ Union is calling on the road safety watchdog to hold major companies using transport operators to account after new research shows rule-breaking is rampant and is putting workers lives at risk. Read More »

Calls At Senate Inquiry For Retailers To Be Held To Account Over Road Deaths

2 Jul 2015


The Transport Workers’ Union today at a Senate inquiry has called for major businesses which use transport companies to be held to account over the carnage on the roads involving truck crashes. Read More »

Prosecute Employers, Clients For Truck Deaths, Not Just Drivers, TWU Calls

19 Jun 2015

The Transport Workers’ Union is calling for criminal prosecution of companies that profit from low cost transport contracts when deaths occur in truck crashes. Governments and regulators also need to strengthen their laws to hold these companies to account for the carnage on the roads, the union added. Read More »

TWU Calls On AI Group To Admit Its Role In Drug Scourge

16 Jun 2015

TWU MEDIA RELEASE, June 16, 2015

The Transport Workers’ Union has called on the Australian Industry Group to take responsibility for its role in forcing some truck drivers to take drugs because of the pressure they are put under by their employers. Read More »

Petrol Tanker Fleet Are “Mobile Bombs” – National Dispute Lodged over Oil, Fuel and Gas Safety

4 Feb 2014

The Transport Workers Union will today lodge a national dispute over safety issues in Australia’s oil, fuel and gas industries, with new industry surveys showing 1 in 4 petrol tanker drivers are pressured to break the speed limit, 1 in 3 are pushed to falsify logbooks, and 1 in 2 skip rest breaks and drive while fatigued.

TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 4 February 2014 Read More »

Coles Risks Lives

7 Nov 2013

National Secretary of the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU), Tony Sheldon today said supermarket giant Coles was responsible for an increased risk of truck crashes on Australian roads, by forcing drivers to speed, drive unsafe hours and carry overweight loads.

TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 7 November 2013 Read More »

TWU to Put Pollies on the Spot on Safe Rates

9 Aug 2013

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) will spend the lead-up to the federal election to find out where politicians from all parties stand on safe rates for truck drivers.

Following another protest against Coles, TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon says politicians will be asked “where they stand on ending the lethal squeeze on truckies and tackling the unfettered corporate power of the big bullies”. Read More »

Safe Rates for Truckies – Our Lives Depend On It

7 Aug 2013

The impact of unsafe pay rates for truck drivers on road safety was laid bare in Adelaide today, when a mangled truck was put on display outside Coles in Prospect.

Transport Workers’ Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon, said hundreds of Australians die and thousands more are injured in truck crashes each year, devastating families, communities and workplace. Read More »

‘Horror Week’ of trucking tragedies a reminder of lethal pressures in Australia’s most dangerous industry

12 Jul 2013

A ‘horror week’ of trucking tragedies on Australian roads has seen six people killed in six separate fatal truck crashes this week. These are tragedies for those involved and their loved ones, and a grim reminder of the lethal pressures in Australia’s most dangerous industry, said Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) National Secretary Tony Sheldon. Read More »

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