Talk to your politician


Meeting with politicians – whether they’re Members of Parliament, Senators or candidates for your area – is essential to building support for our campaign.

Election time means that politicians are most concerned about what matters to their constituents. We need to make sure they know how important Safe Rates is to everyone in our electorate now.

That’s why truck drivers and our supporters in our communities across the country are meeting with politicians and candidates.

We’re highlighting the importance of Safe Rates, ensuring they’re hearing from those working in transport and road users and putting pressure on them to support the campaign.

Want to activate your politicians, candidates and communities? Here are the resources you’ll need:

Lobby Guide

Because it’s easy to organise a meeting with your local politician or candidate. Especially with this easy to use guide.

Messaging Guide

To help you with your conversation with your politician.

Fact Sheet

With the latest stats and information on the reality of the crisis in truck driving.

Politician Pledge

For politicians and candidates to sign and show their support. If you get any pledges signed, email them to us to share online by sending it to

Need more help? Talk to your local delegate or organiser, or email:

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