Sep 13, 2018

TWU QLD Branch Media Release, 13 September 2018

A tragic accident on the Kennedy Highway this morning deserves a full investigation, says the Transport Workers’ Union.

The Transport Workers’ Union (Queensland Branch) extends the deepest sympathies to the friends and family of the two transport workers who were tragically killed in this morning’s accident.

Blenners Transport, which owns both of the trucks involved in this morning’s accident, has a track record of poor fatigue management and placing undue pressure on drivers.

Last year, Blenners had hundreds of fatigue-related charges dropped due to technicalities.

TWU QLD Branch Secretary Peter Biagini has today called for a full investigation of the collision as a workplace accident, through the Chain of Responsibility.

“The roads are the office of the transport worker” said Biagini.

“When there is an accident on a construction site, in a factory or a mine there’s a full investigation, but if it’s on the road it’s easy to sweep under the rug as another statistic”

“A recent Monash University study has shown that truck driving is the most dangerous job in Australia, and something needs to be done to fix the crisis in our industry”

“This accident needs a full investigation – if drivers were under pressure to work longer hours, drive while fatigued or cut corners, someone needs to be held to account”

“Chain of Responsibility laws must be applied in order to determine if there was a breach of the Heavy Vehicle National Law”

“Transport workers have families, they are part of the community and any accident deserves a full and proper investigation”

“Any failure to properly manage fatigue and promote road safety puts the lives of every single road user at risk”

“If the cause of this accident is pressure from the employer or through the supply chain, then they must be prosecuted”

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