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Safe Rates save lives. They make sure that truck drivers aren’t forced to speed, drive while fatigued or in trucks that are not properly maintained. They make sure big companies aren’t making billions by squeezing contracts and truck drivers.

Why are you involved in the fight for Safe Rates? What does Safe Rates and road safety mean to you?

Share your Safe Rates story now.

You be joining people like Eva, Frank and Ali, who know just how important Safe Rates is.


eva_smllEva’s story
Safe Rates means that Eva’s husband Steve doesn’t have to push the envelope to provide for his family.
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frank_smllFrank’s story
Safe Rates means Frank doesn’t face lunatic deadlines set by clients like Coles.
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ali_smllAli’s story
Safe Rates means the trucks passing Ali on the highway are properly maintained.
Read Ali’s story here »



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